Monday, June 23, 2008

14—12, for now.

For a while I've held that the general election will come down to a small handful of issues (more so than it will come down to certain swing states): Iraq, energy policy, and McCain's perceived "ethics."

Looking at my results from American Public Media's candidate quiz, my match with Obama would have jumped significantly if I agreed with him on Iraq, and McCain's score would be a lot lower if I no longer believed McCain put country over politics.

I may score a 14-12 now, but August could bring a 10-16, and November a 20-6.

I said back in early April: "It's unfortunate and hard for many people to realize that when you force your politics down someone's throat, they'll never say something that could potentially weaken their own position. Being more civil, however, you notice that the distinctions between Obama and Clinton, for example, are more nuanced. Furthermore, you're more comfortable admitting that your side isn't perfect."

I still believe that dynamic exists between Barack Obama and John McCain, and I'm curious to see which issues are guiding voters' decisions.

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Happy quizzing!


Anonymous said...

hey luke,

I'm very curious as to why you think the gas tax moratorium is a good idea and what you think make McCain's education and energy plans better than Obama's. I've never really had a chance to talk to you about these issues.

-NH Organizer

Anonymous said...

Luke, I've been reading your blog for a while, but I've never really had a chance to comment on it before. I think what you're saying here is very interesting. Your blog is unique in the sense that you are simultaneously neutral and opinionated. Most news networks must remain "neutral" on most key issues and certainly cannot endorse one candidate over another. What I like about your blog is that you give your insight into specific issues without tying them necessarily to Obama or McCain. It's refreshing to find someone who doesn't simply agree with all of one candidate's positions, just because they view themselves as a Democrat or a Republican, but rather examines them individually. I think it's always hard to remain grounded in the issues, especially in an election when personality and personal perceptions are driving many voters' decisions.

On a more specific note, I'd love to hear more about the questions you answered that made you agree with Obama on climate change, and McCain on energy policy. Similarly, what made you agree with Obama on Afghanistan and McCain on Iraq. These subtle differences in policy areas that on the surface appear the same are really worth looking into. I look forward to more in-depth policy examinations and analysis in the future!

Thanks again for providing a source of information for the independent minds out there! Keep up your subtle balance of neutrality and opinion!

- Ginny Smith (Concord, NH)