Thursday, June 26, 2008

Live from The Armory

I'm in the blogging section of the Manchester, NH Radisson Hotel's Armory Ballroom.

On stage are Michelle Obama, Jeanne Shaheen, and four female New Hampshire panelists. The topics of discussion today are issues concerning working women and the struggles middle-class families face in New Hampshire.

Michelle Obama opened the event with prepared remarks that she seemed to struggle through (and she seemed a little uncomfortable playing the political game of introductions and thank yous) but she has settled into her role as discussion moderator very well, and ideas and stories are being shared and spoken very naturally.

Did Michelle Obama perform well as a smiling face on stage behind her husband? Yes, but she's excelling in a much more politically useful role now.

There will be a lot to write about this event once I return back to Massachusetts late Friday.

(All photos: Luke N. Vargas. 2008. All Rights Reserved)

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Roman L. said...

I have noticed the same thing with Michelle Obama—a natural conversation starter and very talkative but somewhat uneasy when delivering more formal speeches. Just look at some of her low points from the last year on the campaign trail ("the first time I have been proud of my country," etc.). Her slipups have come during big speeches under the lights.

I'm glad to see that she did so well today, I didn't see any mention of this event on the news here in Maine, so thanks for giving a quick summary here.