Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Wonder, I Doubt, I Know

I WONDER if John McCain's temper isn't a good quality after all to bring to a foreign policy attitude that Joe Lieberman describes as: “One of John’s strengths is that our allies and friends will trust him and our enemies will fear him...McCain knows when to be tough and when to be soft.”

I DOUBT Hillary Clinton will win either West Virginia or Kentucky by more than 32-34%, despite polls showing her ahead by 43% and 36% respectively.

I KNOW that the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson is one of the most biased columnists writing today and that because of writers like him in the MSM, the Clinton campaign has had an uphill battle since the South Carolina Primary.


NmL said...

Just wanted to say:

Great stuff. The profiles are a particularly good development. I admit, I tend to get about %50 of my daily dose of election coverage from the NYT and %50 from you :)

Feels like yesterday we were running around a swing set with a pants-less jonny nielsen...
If you ever want a (hopefully) refreshing bit of pseudo-intellectualism, feel free to stop by my own blog on new media and film ( It's been dormant lately, but it should be revamping in a few weeks. Not quite as cool as yours, I'll admit, but fun nonetheless.

Congrats on being a spring project senior and soon-to-be alum.

Impyrius said...

did i see you tonight in the throne room rager? were you that dude who threw down for the drinks??????