Sunday, July 8, 2007

Huckabee Rocks New Hampshire

The weather may have been iffy at times, but Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Capitol Offense (his band of long-time buddies and Arkansas capitol workers) put on a lively show at the Delta Dental Northeast HQ in Concord, NH.

There's something to be said for a politician who can show off a talent besides speech-delivery and writing; Mike Huckabee's skill on the bass qualifies him as a solid musician who could play at the White House dinners instead of just watching.

It's like Huckabee's philosophy about education: if you can add something new and interesting into the education of a child, be it music or art, it's an opportunity not to be wasted. The same holds true with the constant barrage of campaign stops and bus tours--who wouldn't want to see a Governor play in a rock concert?

In keeping with the picnic-like atmosphere, Huckabee left out the long talks about policy and the presidency. In his words, "we want to prove tonight that you can have a lot of fun being a Republican and supporting Mike Huckabee for President." And with that Mike and the band launched straight into 'Roll Over Beethoven.'

I've got a feeling the rest of this coming primary season won't be as light and fun as Huckabee's concert would make it seem, but hot-dogs, music, and Mike Huckabee sure make for a nice afternoon.

Note: I'll have some video from the concert up later when I'm finished editing it together.

(all photos: © 2007 by Luke N. Vargas. All Rights Reserved.)

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