Monday, March 12, 2007

Welcome to the Big Show

The papers have been filed (in my room), the speeches have been written (on my hand), and the debates are about to begin (with my parents). Yes, the 2040 Presidential election cycle has begun! It is with great privilege that I present to you myself, candidate for the President of the United States.

Since a 17 year old high school student can in no way afford a professionally-designed website such as the ones maintained by the like of John McCain or Barack Obama, this blog will have to suffice for, probably, the next 33 years. Over the coming months and years I plan on bringing you content and opinion relating to the politics and news that contribute to the shaping of my political brain. If a politician, either Democrat or Republican, is leading this country in the right direction I will let you know and commit to memory part of what they did right. Likewise, should the country be led down the wrong path I will make sure to learn from their mistake.

This blog is about developing the next generation of political thought by learning from the decades preceding my presidency...aka now.



Anonymous said...

2040. Interesting choice considering that is the year i was planning on running. Well I suppose that I will see you then Mr. Vargas. I am assuming that you will be running on teh republican ticket, which is unfortunate. I remember the days when we were 8th grade liberals, but I suppose that they are right when they say that people get more conservative as they get older. Well, I wish you good luck, and I'll see you in 2040.


Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I am going to beat you in the 2040 presidential elections. Langer is my name, and attack propaganda is my game, so watch out; I play some real hard ball. Langer 2040!

Marina Keegan said...

You do know me. and I will beat you in 2040.

Keegan for President

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